Have you ever been through those days where you feel trapped and upset  in life, and thinking of your situation, your heart races with fear? Have you been unable to sleep  at night, as you struggle with a feeling of dread, and your heart is palpitating with fear? This mantra is so effective, that it can calm your fear, yes, even your panic attack, and give a sense of relief. This mantra is the mantra of the great Mother Goddess Durga, who cuts through all fears.

“Sarva Swaroope Sarveshe, Sarva Shakthi Samanvithe,

Bhayabhastrahi Navadevi  Durge Devi Namostute”

Here is the audio in the divine voice of Avadhooth Shivanand Baba, a holy Siddha master.

Sarva Sawroope Sarveshe


Sarva Swaroope Sarveshe= She is Present Everywhere, Omnipresent

Sarva Shakthi Samanvithe= She is is the Power in everyone and everything

Bhayabhastrahi=She eliminates Fear

Navadevi  Durge Devi Namostute= She is Durga Goddess, I bow to her.


Om Mani Padme Hum

Meaning: “”Om , salutations to the Jewel of consciousness (the Mind)  which has reached the Heart’s lotus. ”


My experience:

1. Feel compassion raining down on me. (effect on heart)

2. Feel compassionate towards others.

3. Feel peace (effect on mind)

4. Gets rid of anger immediately

Others’ experiences:

1. Feel peace. Many people said gives a very peaceful feeling and is relaxing. “make me feel calm and peaceful if u listen to it when ur in some kind of trouble” “This gives mantra me the most peace.”

2.Helped overcome addictions “this song helped me get through alcohol withdrawals”

3. Gives POWER and HOPE.

4. Gives clarity of mind

5. Cured insomnia. Can sleep peacefully.

6. “this song give me the wide heart,the fresh brain!”

7. “I can concentrate better when i study when I play this.”

8. Cured cancer.

9. “every day before going to sleep i listen this, about an hour over until i fall asleep. And since … something … in me… changed.”

10. “given me the confidence and strength to study and work. I really deeply impressed!”

11. “It was this mantra alone that is helping me get through my life long battle with major depression. and whenever i feel like im in a dark place, or just stressed at work i play this exact video and it realigns my soul.”

12. “It changes the limiting pre-recording of my subconscious mind. Each time I listen to it, I feel more connected to you all.”

13. Feel reassured.


1. Incoming breath energies, outgoing breath relaxes. Breath in. Then breathe out through mouth with a ‘Ha’ sound.

2. Take attention to navel, stomach, liver, abdomen etc. All negative emotions such an anger, sense of loss, hatred, jealousy are stored here. Accept them. Breathe in and breathe out (using stomach) and infuse them with prana and transform them to positivity.

Do this for 15-20 minutes.

End with “Shanno astu dvipade | shaM chatushhpade | AUM shAntiH shAntiH shAntiH”

This is a very powerful mantra invoking the elephant-shaped God Ganapati (Ganesha).


Vallabham=beloved Lord

Gajananam=elephant-shaped Lord

Ekadantham=single-tusked (denotes single-minded focus or goal-orientation)

Guru Naran (http://naranonline.wordpress.com/) created this mantra based on Lum, Bham (comfort) and Vum bija mantras.

Guru Naran said the mantra achieves:

  1. Works on root chakra and makes life safe and secure.  Makes one strong, stable, patient and lead a life of comfort.
  2. By chanting it continuously, one can get a job or get married.
  3. Relieves back pain and hip pain. If you chant regularly, your back will become solid and strengthened.
  4. You can enhance the spine healing effect by dong the Meru Mudra while chanting this mantra.
  5. Heals skin problems.
  6. You will find plenty of time to do any work.
  7. Makes a person value time.
  8. Opens up divine time. When the expression is “Time has not come for me to get ….” , then chant this mantra. When waiting for result of job interview chant this mantra.
  9. Drives out fear.
  10. When we are impatient, this mantra gives patience.
  11. Chanting this will help you to find your aim of your life. You want to come out of your monotonous life routines and find your goal of life. You need to be goal oriented. That is taken care of by Ekadantam.
  12. For mental strength and will power chant this mantra.
  13. Use this mantra to tackle manipulative persons.
  14. Changes a person’s stubborn nature to flexibility.

My experience:

When I chant this mantra:

  1. I manage to do work within time available.
  2. Feel relaxed.
  3. I lost weight.
  4. People around turn helpful.

Others’ experience:

  1. Gives quick results even in a crisis situation.
  2. Time seems to stand still and we get enough time to do what we want to do.
  3. “I wrote this mantra and put it under the sleeping bed. It has taken care of my health, my husband’s health immensely.”
  4. Got better job
  5. Got promotion
  6. Got salary hike
  7. After few months of chanting, saw improvement of skin tone and hair. Body language changed, looked better.
  8. Met the right person and got married
  9. Got rid of lower back pain and could get up and do work. (another example of not wasting time)

Resolve inner conflict

From: http://www.kundalinirising.org/KRIResource/Meditations/InnerConflictResolver.pdf

Sit in an Easy Pose, with a light jalandhar bandh.
Eyes: Close the eyes 9/10ths of the way.
Mudra: Place the hands over the chest, with the palms on
the torso at the level of the breasts. The fingers point
toward each other across the chest.
Breath: The key to this meditation is attention to the
breath. Inhale deeply and completely for 5 seconds.
Exhale completely for 5 seconds. Hold the breath out for
15 seconds, by suspending the chest motion as you pull in
the Navel Point and abdomen.
Time: Begin with 11 minutes. Build up to 31 or 62
To End: Inhale deeply and stretch the arms up over the
head. Relax the breath and shake the arms and hands for
15-30 seconds. Relax.
This is a form of ancient humanological therapy. We are
often confused and held in deadlock when inner conflict
blocks our ability to think and act clearly. In these
moments, the mind’s prana, or energy, is scattered and
distributed in a disturbed manner. This breath pattern
holds the breath out three times as long as it is held in.
So, the body senses a lack of prana in vital areas of
functioning and asks how it can quickly and optimally
reorganize itself to respond to this survival threat. The
fibers of the Pranic Body extend and re-channel the prana
to form a new pattern filled with clarity and action
potential. Your built-in computer can calculate your total
resources and the level of challenge, then design a
strategy to prepare and use the mind and body effectively.
This meditation resolves many conflicts and is an
automatic reflex for survival. Inner conflict is the result
of excess or disturbed prana. The effect is certain,
gradual, and simple. Be honest with the breath timing,
and the meditation will be honest with you.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing).

Just move your eyes left to right and rotate the eyes for few minutes. Blink. This will reprocess the negative information in the brain into positive information. Moving the eyes around in circles, back and forth and up and down while thinking about your problem can create a relaxed state. Rapid eye movement can help you bring up and process issues and emotions that lie underneath your problem.

My experience:

Since doing eye movements for a minute few times a day, I have become very calm 🙂 That’s fabulous!!

Another way to delete negative emotions is to use the Butterfly method:

Simply cross your arms over your chest so that your fingers reach your shoulders. Then alternate between tapping on your left and right shoulders instead of looking left and right with your eyes.


Or you could tap knees alternately.

Finger movement:

Or you could move fingers of hands.

Raise eyebrows:

Keep eyes opens and raise eyebrows and hold this position for 5 seconds. Come to the normal position and close the eyes. Do this 4 – 5 times.

This reduces tension.
Combining 3 minds into 1 mind: (More details on http://www.universal-tao.com/article/emdr_innersmile.html)

Three Minds into One Mind
Now we will bring three minds into one mind. We will begin by synchronizing the two sides of the brain, the First Mind. Hold the bridge of your nose with your thumb and middle finger. Let your index finger rest on your third eye, between your eyebrows. Move your eyes left and right for ten sets, looking left and right inside your brain.

Now you can bring your hand down and relax with your hands clasped in your lap. Sit on the edge of your chair so that your sexual organs are able to receive energy from the ground more efficiently. Now smile. Lift up the corners of your mouth and eyes. Allow yourself to feel the warm, energizing energy of your smile as it starts to flow throughout your face and head and throughout your whole body. Smiling has been shown to produce incredible healing effects on the body. Bring your focus to your forehead, the Center of Happiness. Allow that feeling to flow down your face and neck, over your thymus gland just below your sternum notch, and then flow over your heart. Sink your mind slowly down to your heart. The heart is the Lord of all the Organs. It is also the Center of Peace and the Second Mind. Smiling to your heart reduces feelings of hastiness, impatience, and hatred and increases feelings of love, joy, gratefulness, appreciation, and respect. Look left and right inside your heart for ten sets. Always move your eyes at a pace that feels comfortable for you. Keep the pace even and move your eyes as far in each direction directly left or right as you can without straining your eye muscles. Keep your head still while you move your eyes.

Now move your smiling energy and your mind down the center of your chest toward your navel. The region about 1.5 inches behind your navel, just in front of your kidneys, is your Third Mind. It is referred to as the lower tan tien. There are actually more neurons in your lower tan tien than there are in your head. The lower tan tien is the Center of Control. Breathe deeply. Allow your focus to sink deeper and deeper into your tan tien, exploring your inner universe.

This mantra invokes Mother Goddess. The benefit of chanting this mantra is to facilitate concentration of mind and for the speedy fulfillment of aspirations and desires, apart from attaining courage and energy.

My experience:

(Note that I have already been initiated into this mantra by Guru Shivanand Baba of Shivyog. For people who have not been initiated into this mantra, they may experience some detox symptoms as negative energy is released. I would recommend that get yourself initiated into this mantra by a Guru before starting chanting. I find this an immediate acting and very powerful mantra, so strongly recommend getting oneself initiated and chanting this mantra.)

1. Effect was immediate. I had a stomach ache, and it vanished.Cures body pains rapidly.

2.Also, same day some pleasant events happened, and people who are normally not friendly were friendly that day. Also, a person with whom I have been upset for some time called up to say sorry!

3. Feel like dancing :))). Feeling joyous.

4. Gave immediate answer to a question I had in mind. (Hint to self: learnt that ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ links mind with heart. Remembered what answer I got when singing ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’. Also, I had used the Ganpati Mantras Vakratumdam Ekadantam, and the 12 names of Ganapati, so could be a combined effect. I have seen before that chanting Ganapati’s names or chanting ‘Lam’ (Ganapati’s chakra) gives answers.)

5. Unresolved issues with other people start getting resolved. (eg. my issues with some family members got cleared.)

6. If feeling sleepy, chanting this mantra takes away sleepiness and makes wide awake.

Other people’s experiences:

1. Healed menstrual pains after hearing this mantra song for some time.

2.  “I do this every morning about 11 times mala and one mala is about 108 mantra . I dont know if it really helps but it is when i preform this mantra i feel the full day that i am on top of world and no one is above me .I am the only power.

3. Feel positive energy. Feel very good.

4. People who were troubling backed off within 2 days of chanting this mantra.

5. Bring peace of mind, purity of the soul and protection from all evil.

6.  Gained abundance in many ways through this wonderful Mantra.

7. ” This mantra helps a lot and also to have positive thinking all day…”

8. “For building self-confidence and willpower when feeling weak, nervous or lacking drive. Also for protection from evil forces. For me, this is a great mantra for those times when I need a boost to get me going.”

9. “During the time I was chanting it, I felt stronger, confident.”

10. “Chamundi is great for blasting lack of confidence when it’s fear based etc.  Highly recommended and quick effects.  It has a very galvanising effect to get people into action.  Being a “battlefield deity”, I don’t personally recommend this mantra for long periods as it makes me too intense.  I only use it now on the rare times I’ve felt in a defeatist mode or when I feel spiritual protection is needed.”

11. “I love this mantra, it keeps my mind, intentions, and actions very pure.. When I find myself being consumed by desire I chant this mantra and am released into a more pure state of mind. When I find myself distracted by too many thoughts, it cuts through the chatter. When I find myself feeling a certain way I wish to discontinue, I chant and am able to return to bliss.”

12. “This mantra brings peace to my heart.”

13. Confidence and victory.

14. Tames wild unsurrendered mind

15. Gets rid of bad people, negativity

16. this mantra helps a lot and also to have positive thinking all day..

17. This mantra really helps me to ground myself in the moment, and be clearer. Like somehow it helps me my egos more clearly and in a more detached way, like it’s easier to self-observe if that makes sense. I’ve only beent chanting this here and there, but I started doing it more regularly for a little while, and I felt that it was really helping with clarity, and giving me more strength to look into myself. A really nice mantra, and so nicely chanted.